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SAKURA FGX - Formula Generation X

Another true innovation by 3 Racing, the FGX short for Formula Generation X is the first and most unique 1/10th F1 chassis since the 3 Racing F109 with it’s successful innovative rear dampening system. With the goal to create the most unique and realistic Formula 1 chassis while not compromising handling, the FGX was created from the ground up and basically shares zero parts with the F109 or anything else currently available.

Suspension - F1 inspired
The FGX employs both front and rear independent suspension systems which truly distinguishes itself from all current Formula 1 chassis currently available. The rear end uses laydown oil filled coil spring dampeners similar to that found in today's real F1 cars. The entire rear suspension system is fully adjustable with the same adjustability you'd find in today's touring cars, namely toe in/out, camber, anti roll bars, caster, track width etc.

The Front suspension has maintained the used of the simple kingpin and coil spring system like traditional pan car style F1 chassis but features more realistic suspension arms modeled after the Ferrari F60. The molded suspension arms provides a strong and realistic front suspension system while still providing the adjustability of camber and caster by simply loosening a few screws.

The FGX features a fully adjustable bell crank steering system which allows you to adjust Ackermann angle in small increments through the use of collar spacers, the same way you'd find on most touring cars.

The FGX features a mid-rear mounted motor virtually identical to its real life counterpart giving it the best weight distribution possible. Since a direct drive system would not be suitable for a rear independent suspension system, the FGX uses a similar 3 gear gearbox design found in the race proven 3 Racing Sakura FF allowing it to position the motor in the very center of the chassis. This also provided the added ability for the FGX to be equipped with a more robust gear diff or a traditional ball diff unit and the use rebuildable universal driveshafts with protective blades.

Upper Deck
The FGX features a one piece composite molded upper deck which also forms part of the front suspension unit giving it a raised nose cone similar to that of a real F1 car. The one piece upper deck also features chassis flex adjustability where stiffeners can be installed to increase the car's agility and rigidity.

The one piece front wing and nose tip was given a modular design just like its life size counterpart making changing front wing and nose cone fast and easy.
The rear wing features adjustable flap angels and realistically modeled after the Ferrari F60 with the added touch to allow the installation of a wet race LED tail light just like it's real life counterpart.

Battery Compartment
Longitudinally mounted battery for optimal weight distribution, battery compartment features easy access system, changing batteries only requires the loosening of one screw and has been designed to accept most high capacity lip batteries.

The FGX will use its own wheels with its face pattern modeled after the Ferrari F60 plus a more realistic offset allowing it to fully optimize it's independent suspensions and better shock absorption, the FGX will feature wheels for both foam and rubber tires catering for all markets and race conditions.

Rubber Tires sold seperately.

You Will Need
a. 2 Channel Radio System
b. Low Profile Steering Servo (Refer to Manual for Compatible Servos)
c. Electronic Speed Controller
d. 540 Type Motor and 48 Pitch Pinion Gear
e. Rubber Tires and glue (Refer to Manual for Compatible Tires)
f. Polycarbonate Paint for Body Shell
g. Battery and Charger
h. Assembly Tools

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Rubber Tires
Ride Japan*
No. 24005 Front - Medium
No.24006 Front - Hard
No. 24007 Rear – Med
No. 24008 Front – Super Soft
No. 24009 Front – Soft
No. 24010 Rear – Super Soft

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3 Racing do not in any way endorse or sponsor any of the above brands, products or trademarks and vice versa.

Please note some parts shown in the photos within this article are prototypes or optional upgrades, actual production kit may consist of different parts. Electronics not included.